November 2020

Recovering Credits in the School District of Philadelphia: High School Student Credit Recovery Utilization in 2018-19

Molly Pileggi, Alyn Turner, Lindsey Liu and Jason Fontana


August 2020

How Long Does It Take Philadelphia High Schoolers to Get to School?

Molly Pileggi, Marc L. Stein, Alyn Turner, and Nathaniel Dewey


August 2020

Getting Back on Track: How Off-Track Ninth Graders Progressed in Later Years of High School, Class of 2017 and 2018

Molly Pileggi, Lindsey Liu, and Alyn Turner


September 2019

Student Mobility and Dropout in Philadelphia High Schools, 2013-14 through


Matthew P. Steinberg, Molly Pileggi, Ruth Neild


April 2019

Present from the Start: Ninth Grade Attendance Patterns in the School District of Philadelphia in 2015-2017

Ted Wills, Ruth Curran Neild, Molly Pileggi

Two boy kid lay down on floor and readin

January 2019

Supporting Early Readers in Philadelphia’s Independent Charter Schools:

An Initial Inquiry into Cross-School Collaboratives

Rachel Comly, Ryan Fink, Jill Pierce, Adrianne Flack

Phila skyline.jpg

January 2019

Principal Mobility in Philadelphia Traditional and Charter Public Schools,

2007-08 through 2015-16

Matthew P. Steinberg, Haisheng Yang

Running Track

October 2018

On Track Across Four Cohorts: Ninth Grade On-Track Patterns in
the School District of Philadelphia, 2013-2017

Molly Pileggi, Kendra Strouf

Teacher And Pupils Using Wooden Shapes I

September 2018

 Teacher Mobility in the School District of Philadelphia, 2009-10 through 2015-16 

Matthew P. Steinberg, Ruth Curran Neild,

W. Kyle Canuette, Sharin Park, Emily Schulman,

Melissa Wright


July 2018

Supporting Early Readers: A Scan of K-3 Literacy Practices
in Philadelphia Charter Schools

Rachel Comly, Ryan Fink, Monica Mielke, Adrianne Flack

July 2018

Ready from the Start: Identifying and Supporting At-Risk Ninth Graders from their Earliest Days in High School

Austin Slaughter, Ruth Curran Neild, Molly Crofton

May 2018

Getting On Track to Graduation: Ninth Graders' Credit Accumulation in the School District of Philadelphia, 2015-2017

Molly Crofton, Ruth Curran Neild

June 2017

Finding Their Stride: Kindergarten English Learners’ Time to Proficiency in Philadelphia

Joshua Lin, Ruth Curran Neild

Drawing Time

June 2016

Student Characteristics of English Language Learners in the School District of Philadelphia

Joshua Lin, Rosemary Hughes, Daniel Long, Dae Kim

Homework Help

June 2016

Working Together to Support English Language Learners: School-Family-Community Engagement

Rosemary Hughes, Rebecca Reumann-Moore, Jeannette Rowland, Joshua Lin


June 2016

Educating English Language Learners: Opportunities for Improved Infrastructure

Jeannette Rowland, Rebecca Reumann-Moore, Rosemary Hughes, Joshua Lin

June 2016

Educating English Language Learners: Instructional Approaches and Teacher Collaboration in Philadelphia Public Schools

Rebecca Reumann-Moore, Jeannette Rowland, Rosemary Hughes, Joshua Lin

September 2015

Blended Learning: Lessons from Best Practice Sites and the Philadelphia Context

Jessica K. Beaver, Brittan Hallar, Lucas Westmaas,

Katie Englander

September 2014

Blended Learning: Defining Models and Examining Conditions to Support Implementation

Jessica K. Beaver, Brittan Hallar, Lucas Westmaas